J'ai reçu la sangle KHS-1 moins d'une semaine après ma commande.

La qualité est incroyable, la finition et le détail de chaque point de couture est magnifique. Ils sont tous parfaits, il n'y a aucun accro.
Le cuir est doux, résistant et également très souple ce qui en fait une sangle vraiment idéale.
La face intérieure est faite du même cuir que celui sur la face extérieure, ce qui évite d'avoir un côté qui accroche désagréablement les vêtements ou la peau.

Je suis vraiment heureux de mon achat et espère un jour avoir une KHS-4 qui est encore plus exceptionnelle.

Un grand merci à Era pour sa gentillesse

KORNEO DU GROUPE SolarStorm, France


This is, hands down, the best strap I’ve purchased!  Definitely high quality; showing virtually no signs of wear in over two years of use, and comfortable from day one.



I totally love my KHS-1 strap! The comfort and the light weight is truly amazing! I have been following Kirk his whole career, and I too have been a musician for over 30 years! Guitar, of course.  Our band is "Latter" from Dayton, Ohio. My wife bought it for me not only because of it being a Kirk Hammett strap , but because when you get older, lol you need all the comfort you can hanging onto an ESP or Les Paul for 3-4 hours a night. This strap totally delivers exactly what I was looking for!!!! The money aside, it is by far the best ever! I have had a lot of straps over the years and this one is the best.  Music is my life and without it, I would have no comfort! Thanks to you, I have comfort with comfort! Keep up the great product!!!!


I ordered a custom made strap for my nephew and he loves it.  This was Era's first "bimbo" strap and she did not disappoint.  I had his name embroidered onto the strap and Era did an amazing job.  Even the embroidery is done by hand.  The strap is beautiful, unique, incredibly well made and very comfortable to use. The quality of the leather and the workmanship is unbelievable.  Sure, you can go down to your local shop of the big chains and get yourself a cheaper one, but they are all the same and just stamped out by a big machine.  Where is the love and passion from the artist that used her own hands to craft this wearable piece of art? The leather used is exquisite and it will last you a long time.  Attention is even given to the packaging and presentation.  Customer service is bar none the best. Quick responses and no run arounds. They care about their customers and want to make sure that you are happy with their service and their product. If you are a serious guitar player, you know the meaning of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail and adding a Kirk Hammett guitar strap to the mix will just add more value to your investment. I am a very happy and satisfied customer. If you appreciate quality, hand-made, finely crafted pieces of art, you need to add a KH strap to your collection.



The KH guitar strap that I've had for a couple years now is of highest quality. It doesn't twist up at all and the leather feels so comfortable when I play. I use it with a Esp KH-ouija guitar without strap locks cause I know I can have the confidence I'm my KH strap that will secure my favourite guitar everytime. Being tall it can be difficult finding a strap that is long enough however the KH strap is easily adjusted and is a perfect fit. The leather is so durable and looks awesome! Practical yet so stylish these straps are the full package! 10/10

Thanks for the wonderful product.


I was actually surprised how quickly they arrived!
I am using the straps and am extremely happy with them. I have been a fan of Kirk's for 25 years so when I discovered that he had his own line of handmade straps then it was an easy decision for me.  They are comfortable and are clearly a very well made, quality product.  Your story shows a lot preparation and care goes into the workmanship of these straps, which is great!  I will fly the flag in Australia among my friends and colleagues!

Tell Kirk that all of Australia are all busting to hear some new Metallica tunes!



The quality and construction of the KH Straps are unparalleled. I use my strap show after show and it only seems to get better. Highly recommended for all the guitar players out there who look for style, comfort, and dependability in a guitar strap!!